Britain Goes Backwards, Marijuana Reclassified From Class 'C' To Class 'B'

Shortly after Mr Brown entered Number 10 last year he ordered a review into whether cannabis should be reclassified from a Class C to a Class B drug.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, in its report published on Wednesday, said it did not think cannabis should be reclassified.

This team of advisers has been studying new research on cannabis from Keele University about the links between the drug and mental illness.

This study doesn't seem to back up claims that rising use of cannabis between the 1970s and 1990s has led to more cases of schizophrenia.

But the government is effectively ignoring the council's advice by upgrading the drug

During the three years since the downgrade to class 'C'   the number of cannabis dealers being sent to jail have fallen to a 10-year low, while prosecutions have fallen a third from 2,790 in 2003 to 1,994 in 2006.

Figures from Parliamentary Answers also showed that in 2003, prior to reclassification, 2,099 cannabis dealers were found guilty and 697 jailed. But in 2006 only 1,158 were convicted and 279 jailed.

It's incredible,  as the rest of the world admits to the benefits of Marijuana as a medicine for so many ill's, Gordon decides it's bad for Brit's, and thats that!,  f*** the recommendations of 23 experts in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy that make up the council of advisors, if these guy's have any respect for themselves their last bit of advice  will be telling the Home Secretary where to stick the next fat contract, anything less would expose them as mercenary forkers  going through the motions for their Queens shilling,  fully aware their advice is worth zip

So for all the expense and wasted man hours, maybe? a few dealers could get a year more bird thanks to the re-class' wow!,  I wonder if there is one person who now smokes weed that is now thinking that the new penalties are just too great to continue, i doubt it, i doubt making it class 'A' would deter one person, but i guarantee that the police will now be too busy ferrying smokers back to the station, (instead of the current caution on the street)   to work on 'real' crimes, crimes  with actual victims.

Don't plan on redecorating No 10 Gordon, you won't be there that long!


Class A: Seven years for possession, life for supplying

Class B: Five years for possession, 14 for supplying

Class C: Two years for possession, 14 for supplying

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