Medical Marijuana Patient Denied Transplant Dies

A musician who was denied a liver transplant because he used marijuana with medical approval under Washington state law to ease the symptoms of advanced hepatitis C died late on Thursday.

The death of Timothy Garon, 56, at Bailey-Boushay House, an intensive care nursing center was confirmed to The Associated Press by his lawyer…. Dr. Brad Roter, the physician who authorized Garon to smoke pot to alleviate for nausea and abdominal pain and to stimulate his appetite, said he did not know it would be such a hurdle if Garon were to need a transplant.

Garon died a week after his doctor told him a University of Washington Medical Center committee had again denied him a spot on the liver transplant list because of his use of marijuana, although it was authorized under Washington state law

He had been in the hospice for two months and previously was rejected for a transplant at Swedish Medical Center for the same reason he later got from the university hospital.

Swedish said he would be considered if he avoided pot for six months and the university hospital offered to reconsider if he enrolled in a 60-day drug treatment program, but doctors said his liver disease was too advanced for him to last that long. The university hospital committee agreed to reconsider anyway, then denied him again.

If you are disgusted by this please take the time to contact the University of Washington Medical Center and let them know.

UW Division of Transplant: (206) 598-6700
Fax number: (206) 598-0628


Mustikos Roo said...

When are we going to take back our country, take it out of the hands of selfish, insecure jerks with money! The only reason Marijuana is illegal is because of commercial reasons, and because the lies people tell and others believe about it.

snowyphil said...

@ mustikos, it cant be soon enough buddie, SP