You remember the poor bas**ard who was arrested at Dubai customs, he had had trodden in some weed and stuck to his shoe was 0.003gms of weed, so when he went through, the ultra sensitive drug sniffing robots detect it and he got 4 years prison, and 4 actually means 4 out there!.

Well today a musician, a drum and base pioneer who works as a DJ on the BBC's radio 1 suffered the same fate,  Raymond Bingham, was found guilty of possession and illegally bringing marijuana into the United Arab Emirates. this time it was a huge haul the customs seized (2.16gm) almost a 10th of an ounce woo hooo, he did try and save himself  by explaining he had not meant to bring it through he just 'forgot' it was in his pants!! He now has 14 days to appeal or his 4 year jail sentence will stand.

But if you think that is bad!, what about the Swiss guy, he has a bread roll in Heathrow airport, gets to Dubai where the 'sniffer' detects '3' count them '3' poppy seeds that had fallen from his bread roll and lodged in his jersey! charged with 'drug smuggling' he was also given the now customary 4 years prison, it is effing ridiculous!.

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