Marijuana 101

“My basic idea is to try to professionalize the industry and have it taken seriously as a real industry, just like beer and distilling hard alcohol,” Richard Lee, a pot-dispensary owner and the school’s founder,” told the AP.oaksterdamLearning how to get started in the medical marijuana business costs a lot less than an Ivy League education and takes as little as one weekend.

So far, 60 students have completed two-day weekend sessions in the art and science of the medicinal herb at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, Calif'.

The school prepares students for jobs in California’s medical marijuana industry, teaching them how to cultivate cannabis, cook with it, dispense it and “protect your rights in a police encounter,” among other things. The faculty also teach “which strains are best for various medical conditions.” Individual classes cost $75. Two-day weekend sessions are $200. Textbooks aren’t included.

So how are job prospects in the field? Entry-level workers make a little more than minimum wage; “bud tenders” can make over $50,000 a year; owners and top managers make six figures, Lee told the AP.

An official with the Drug Enforcement Agency in San Francisco said authorities were aware of Oaksterdam U. but didn’t see a reason to shut it down. After all, talking about marijuana is not illegal, and while a small amount of pot is kept on the premises, the DEA tries “to concentrate our case work on the most significant violators,” * that atitued will last till they bust a few growers who say they got their education at Oaksterdam U

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