Pot club advocates assail silence on DEA tactics

Medical cannabis advocates are stepping up pressure on San Francisco officials to denounce the federal Drug Enforcement Administration's latest tactic of targeting landlords who rent to pot clubs in their long-running dispute with California over the use of marijuana to treat health ailments.

"We are calling for people to stand up for safe access," said Shona Gochenaur, executive director of the local patient advocacy group Axis of Love and chair of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club's Cannabis Caucus. "This is a safe access emergency."

Frustrated by the lack of response, medicinal marijuana supporters convinced local Democratic Party leaders to pass a resolution last week calling on Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors to speak out against the DEA's decision to threaten property owners with asset forfeiture and imprisonment for leasing space to medical cannabis dispensaries.

More on this HERE from Matthew S. Bajko from Bay Area Reporter

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