More Victims Of a Victimless Crime

TWO people are being questioned after police raided a cannabis farm in Wallasey early on Wednesday morning. A large quantity of sophisticated cannabis growing equipment, with an estimated value of £15,000, and what is believed to be more than 450 cannabis plants were seized by police at an address in Grove Road, acting on information received from the public.

A 29-year old man and a 28-year-old woman were arrested and are currently being questioned by police.

Neighbourhood Inspector Brian Griffiths said: "This is a significant seizure and local people should be reassured that we will continue to take positive action on any information relating to drugs activity in the area.

"Information from the public is vital in our continuing war on drugs.

"I want to thank the community for their support so far and also urge them to keep supplying us with information."

I on the other hand would like to ask the Grass, Snitch, Stooly or any other name this brave soul has "what do you get out of that???" "where are the victims of this heinous crime???"  lets hope if you are unlucky and contract one of the ills that Medical Marijuana can ease that someone has finished a grow so you can get your Medicine eh!, there but for the grace of God go YOU! Rat!, and i can bet the same jerk gets his tobacco from a 'runner'**, and buys 'knocked off'*** CD's and DVD's without a second thought about the organised crime and people smuggling that these crimes fund!!! or even worse only gave this info to police in order to get his own ass out of the fire for some petty offence!, what a wonderful member of the public

** Runner = someone who delivers tobacco smuggled over from Europe thus avoiding any tax otherwise levied on tobacco (and beers and spirits) in Great Britain

*** Knocked off = stolen.

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