Medical Marijuana Group Blasts Dillon Drug Bust!

DILLON, Mont. (AP) - A pro-medical-marijuana group says a large-scale marijuana bust this month, that law officers in Dillon touted as a major success, was instead the persecution of a terminally ill man, who needed the drug to help ease his suffering.

Patients and Families United, based in Helena says the police action won't stand up in court, thanks to Montana's 3-year-old Medical Marijuana Law.

The group criticized law officers for making a terminally ill man's last days miserable, because of the worry that he would end up in prison.

Tom Daubert (doh-BAIR') is founder and director of the medical marijuana group. He says they will help with the legal defense for the man, whose name has not been released by officials.

Blair Martinson is regional director for the Southwest Montana Drug Task Force. He says officials are pushing ahead with prosecution; and says authorities will make their response in court.

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