'Tom Cruise' Turns Purple

Tom Cruise is far from being over the moon after hearing that his name and image has been associated with a new strain of medical marijuana. The actor is even preparing a lawsuit against the manufacturers, as the New York Daily News reported.

The new strain of marijuana is marketed under the name of “Tom Cruise Purple,” also sporting a photo of the actor laughing hysterically. The drug is currently being commercialized in licensed marijuana clubs in Northern California, however employees of the Californian clinics declined to disclose any of the herbal varieties they make available for their clients.

There have been reports describing the strain as very strong and producing hallucinations.

Cruise is an adept of the  Scientology  religion, which forbade the use of any psychotropic drugs. Therefore the star’s attorneys are preparing a case against the strong brand of bud.

The “Mission: Impossible” star gave up Catholicism and became a member of the Church of Scientology in 1990, after he was cured of dyslexia by the Scientology teachings. He wedded his present wife Katie Holmes in 18 November 2006 in a castle in Italy and the ceremony was performed

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