Marijuana Policy Project Alert

MPP surprised all the political pundits when the final Minnesota House committee passed our medical marijuana bill with a 13-4 vote yesterday! The bill — which would protect Minnesota’s medical marijuana patients from arrest and jail — now heads to the House floor for the final battle ... meaning that Minnesota could be just two or three weeks away from becoming the 13th medical marijuana state.
We’re also making historic progress in Illinois, where our medical marijuana bill — which Illinois voters support by a whopping 67% to 27% margin — has cleared a major hurdle, passing the Senate Public Health Committee by a 6-4 vote last month, and is now slated for the Senate floor.

Anyone wishing to donate to MPP to fight Marijuana laws and put an end to outrageous sentencing as in the case of Tyrone Brown please go here 

imageTyrone Brown served 17 years of a life sentence for testing positive for marijuana while on probation for a $2 stickup committed when he was 17. No one involved was ever able to explain the severe penalty. Brown's victim in the holdup said he rarely thought about the incident, but pointed out that he was unharmed, that Brown returned the wallet to him after removing the $2, and that police apprehended Brown and recovered the money that same evening. Neither Brown's attorney in the trial nor the court-appointed lawyer who handled his appeal said they could even remember the case. Brown was released from prison on March 15, 2007.

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