Do NOT Let The Police Into Your Home

In March 2008 DC police unveiled the Safe Homes initiative, this would send police officers door to door in high crime areas asking residents for permission to search their homes for illegal guns.

In response, local groups ACLU, ACORN and Flex Your Rights also went door to door in one of the targeted neighborhoods, Washington Highlands, the goal was educate residents about the 4th Amendment right to refuse these unwarranted police searches.

This from the video makers :-About 1:35 into the video, a woman mistakes us for the police and gives us consent to search. It's funny, but it also proves our point about why this information is needed. For all she knows, someone could have left some marijuana under her couch cushion that could get her kicked out of public housing. Giving consent is never the smart choice during a police encounter. If you need a refresher, watch this.


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