Gerald Le Dain 1924 - 2007 [supreme court judge]

Gerald Le Dain a man ahead of his time, 40 years ago this man was proposing to decriminalise possession of Marijuana, sadly his proposals were too radical for the politicians of the late 60's to implement but Judges did begin to hand out much lighter sentences,          to read the full obituary in canada.com go hereledain1225

What quickly became known as the Le Dain commission held 46 days of public hearings and heard from 12,000 Canadians. It issued four lengthy reports which, among other things, called for lighter sentences for drug offences, treatment for heroin addicts and warnings about the dangers of nicotine and alcohol. But it was its recommendation to decriminalize simple possession of marijuana that caused the greatest sensation.

The commission concluded that the maximum penalties for cannabis offences were disproportionate to any harm marijuana's use might cause. The number of people convicted for marijuana offences had doubled annually between 1967 and 1971, but the law was still widely flouted, catching only about one per cent of users.

"A law which can only be enforced in a haphazard and accidental manner is an unjust law"


the commission declared.  Many of the Le Dain commission's recommendations were too explosive for politicians of the day to embrace. But judges soon started moderating sentences and began giving offenders absolute discharges for simple possession.

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