NO EXTRADITION FOR THE BC3 (Read the full background story in Marc Emery's interview in 'F*** the DEA')

No Extradition for the BC3!
by Marc Emery (21 Jan, 2008)

Three Canadians face extradition to, and life imprisonment in, the United States - but they've never been there!

Greg Williams, Marc Emery, and Michelle Rainey

Greg Williams, Marc Emery, and Michelle Rainey

NEW! "No Extradition" folded pamphlet PDF files -- download page one and page two, then print and distribute copies everywhere! Phone (613) 957-4222, the Canadian Justice Department, and tell the Minister of Justice it would "shock your conscience" if Canadians Marc Emery, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey were extradited to the United States, especially when a monetary fine of $200 for selling seeds, not jail time, was determined to be adequate punishment by the BC Supreme Court (R. vs. Hunter, 2000). If Canadians have broken the law in Canada, they should be given justice in Canada -- and if they cannot be found guilty in Canada, they should not be extradited to any other country for those same charges.
Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey, and Greg Williams are Canadian citizens who were heavily involved in anti-prohibition activitism for over ten years. The United States Justice Department and DEA want Canada's government to extradite these three political activists to face 10 years up to life in US prison! The extradition hearing has been rescheduled to begin on January 21st, 2008. Canadians and Americans MUST do their part to help prevent the extradition from happening -- even a phone call makes a difference!

Ways to Help, Downloads, Links, Information, and More!

Download the NEW double-sided "No Extradition" handout (Word Document)
Donate to the Legal Defense Fund
Buy a "No Extradition" T-shirt
Purchase products from the CC Store
Download the "No Extradition" Petition (Word Document)
Download a PDF of the "No Extradition" logo
Visit the CC No Extradition forum for discussion and updates
Email Jodie Emery for the information handout (Word Document) or to get copies mailed
Write a letter to the Canadian Justice Minister and call the Justice Department at (613) 957-4222.
Use these banners to link to our website! Help prevent the extradition! (Right-click image and "Save" to your desktop.)

Send your filled-out petitions, letters, and donations to "No Extradition" 307 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 1H6.
We need evidence for court to prove that there is strong opposition to extradition!

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Five things you can do to help the BC 3 being extradited, full article at CC magazine

1) Contact the Canadian Justice Minister Constantly!

2) Contact The Media

3) Contact your Member of Parliament and Member of Legislative Assembly

4) Donate Or Make Purchases

5) Rally in your community


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