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Mischa Barton Claims She Was Smoking Medical Marijuana
By Phil Maggitti
Dec 28, 2007, 11:38

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"It's always 4:20 somewhere."

LOS ANGELES – Mischa Barton, arrested early yesterday morning on suspicion of drunk driving, told reporters when she was released from jail later in the day that the weed found in the vehicle she had been driving is medical marijuana.
“I used to suffer from anxiety attacks,” said the twenty-one-year-old English-American actress, best known for her portrayal of Marissa Cooper on Fox's defunct teen drama The O.C.
“The attacks got, like, so bad I totally couldn't leave my house some days. I had to send one of my maids or my driver to run errands for me or take Nicole (Richie) to the tanning salon."

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"One toke over the line,
Sweet Jesus,
one toke over the line."

Ms. Barton was pulled over in the 900 block of North La Cienega Boulevard at 2:46 a.m. Thursday after Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies spotted the car she was driving straddling two traffic lanes. Deputies said Ms. Barton also failed to signal while making a turn, and she began giggling uncontrollably when the arresting officer asked to see her driver’s license.
"The medical marijuana program changed my life,” said Ms. Barton. “Now when I'm feeling a little weird, I spark up a phatty, and I'm good to go. Valid driver’s license or not.
Ms. Barton was arrested after she had failed a field sobriety test and urinated on her yellow Crocs. Deputies also determined at that point that she was an unlicensed driver.

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"Legalize it; don't criticize it."

"Don't let anxiety attacks or the paparazzi or the drizzling shits from chemotherapy harsh your mellow,” said Ms. Barton. “If you've got it, smoke it; and if you want it, all you need is a note from a doctor."

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