Other Current Actions from the D.P.A


If you live in the US you can:-

Cut Those Stupid TV Ads

Tell Congress to stop wasting your tax money on those stupid anti-marijuana commercials. You know the ones that compare marijuana smokers to terrorists and claim marijuana will make you crazy, get you raped, and cause you to shoot your neighbor.

Demand a New Bottom Line for U.S. Drug Policy

Tell Congress it is time for a new bottom line in U.S. drug policy, one that focuses on reducing the problems associated with both drugs and the war on drugs.

Don't Let Democrats Chicken Out on Reform for Students

The Democratic Congress backed down from an opportunity to repeal a federal law that denies student loans and other financial assistance to students who commit drug law offenses. Tell them to do the right thing!

Governor Rell, Where is Your Compassion?

The governor of Connecticut vetoed HB 6715, a medical marijuana bill that would have provided relief to seriously ill people in Connecticut. Tell her what you think about her decision!

New Mexico Medical Marijuana Law Under Attack

The federal government is trying to undermine New Mexico's medical marijuana law. The DEA and a regional narcotics taskforce recently raided the home of a paraplegic medical marijuana patient in what appears to be a cruel publicity stunt.

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