Latest On The San Diago MJ ID Cards...


Medical marijuana users in San Diego have a new ally in their battle to get ID cards.  County officials are opposed to the law but Mayor Jerry Sanders says he supports providing pot for medical purposes.  KPBS Reporter Dwane Brown has more. 

California voters approved marijuana for medical use back in 1996 with Proposition 215. The ID cards are a way for police to determine whose legally eligible for medical marijuana and whose not.

But County Supervisors sued the state asking to be relieved of its duty to provide the ID cards.  They claim it violates federal law.

Now court documents show the city attorney's office has filed a legal brief agreeing with the state. This follows a judges ruling that said the County must comply with state law and issue the ID cards.

A spokesman for Mayor Jerry Sanders says he supports medical pot for legitimate purposes.  He's also told San Diego police to respect the law.

A final ruling in the legal fight is expected late next year. Dwane Brown, KPBS News.

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