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Monday Dec. 17 will be a day of national protest against Bill C-26. Marc and Jodie Emery, along with Jacob Hunter co-ordinate the effort and tell us how we can be involved to help stop these bad laws.
Email arplar@gmail.com
pottv series
Join Marijuana Man as he talks about how Stephen Harper has never had an original idea about drugs. Harper shows us how it's just "business" as usual.
pottv series
One of the American Civil Liberties Union's 10 part series of documentaries that tell the stories of real people in America whose civil liberties were threatened by the Drug War and how they fought back. Get your copy at aclu.tv
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Hairy PotHead and The Marijuana Stone #3

13 Dec 2007 Join Hairy PotHead author Dana Larsen as he continues his readings with Chapter 14 "Qannabbi".
Illustrations by Gary Wintle.
Visit HAIRY POTHEAD & THE MARIJUANA STONE at http://www.HairyPothead.net

"Presidential Candidate Ron Paul on Sex, Drugs, and Marijuana!"

12 Dec 2007 "Dr. Ron Paul, a Congressman running to be President, did this interview with ABC's John Stossel of 20/20. They did the interview -- with more to follow -- because of the huge demand for Ron Paul... Unfortunately, they chose to only "air" it online instead of on television, because "the popularity of Ron Paul is very strong on the Internet"! Hopefully they'll put a Ron Paul segment on television if enough requests are made, as Ron Paul best represent the interests of the cannabis culture, and all freedom-loving people. In the meantime, watch the first segment of the interview, which is focused on drugs, marijuana, and the federal government's laws. (And more!)"


Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture Headquarters

03 Dec 2007 Join Marc and Rhiannon for a Christmas trip through Vancouver's famous pot store for all your cannabis needs.

Stop Bill C-26 with Kirk Tousaw

29 Nov 2007 Kirk explains how these proposed changes to Canada's marijuana laws are dangerous and draconian and how you can help stop Harper and his agenda.
Email arplar@gmail.com.

The Sunday Show with Opus

27 Nov 2007 Why private prisons are a bad idea, write or phone the justice minister and your local media.


Beating Breast Cancer With Marijuana

26 Nov 2007 Preliminary research shows that a compound found in marijuana may be able to stop breast cancer cells that are spreading out of control. The non-toxic compound has been found to stop a gene that researchers think is responsible for allowing cancer cells to spread. Posted by Chris Bennett

A Public Service Announcement

23 Nov 2007 Produced, directed and experienced by Marijuana Man.

Tories want Mandatory sentences for growers and dealers

Harper Follows Bush With American Style WOD 21 Nov 2007 The Harper government introduced new legislation Tuesday proposing mandatory sentencing for individuals convicted of serious drug-related crimes as part of the Conservatives' anti-drug strategy. If passed, Bill C-2 will impose the first mandatory sentences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act for people convicted of drug-related crimes. Posted by Chris Bennett.

Legal Ease with Kirk Tousaw

19 Nov 2007 Criminal lawyer and friend to the Cannabis Culture, Kirk Tousaw discusses marijuana law, his current case with The Vancouver Compassionate Society and gives an update on the extradition proceedings.

Spiders on Drugs

16 Nov 2007 In the 1960s, Dr. Peter Witt gave drugs to spiders and observed their effects on web building. This short film about the results of the experiment was created by First Church Of Christ, Filmmaker.

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