Two countries one Medicine????

This is Heath Canada's version of medical Marijuana;-

Appearances aside (can you say alfalfa?), lab testing
revealed that Health Canada cannabis has an
overall THC content of ~3% instead of the
advertised 10% THC content. In contrast, a strain
of VICS cannabis tested at over 12% total THC.
Government guidelines require a product with
no more than 10% THC and the company hired
to grow their supply, Prairie Plant Systems, mixed
dried leaves with buds to dilute the product and
meet the guidelines. As well as reduce the
strength of the cannabis such that it is inadequate
as a medicine, the cannabis is too finely ground
to roll in a joint. Also in question are the levels
of heavy metal contaminants (lead and arsenic),
the significant levels of bacteria and fungus-producing
micro-organisms, the use of irradiation for
sterilization, and cultivation methods.
Source: http://www.mapinc.org/print/v08/n1401/a04.html and

Here is the Dutch version of medical Marijuana, if you are gonna do it! do it right! Canada.

Netherlands -
Cannabis Available By Prescription
The Netherlands become the first country in the
world to make cannabis available as a prescription
drug in pharmacies to treat chronically ill
patients. The government gave the green light to
over 1600 pharmacies to sell cannabis to those
with HIV, cancer, MS, and Tourette’s syndrome;
doctors and hospitals can also dispense 5-gram
Two ’strengths’ are available; 15% THC or 18%
THC. Two local firms are licensed to grow the
cannabis for sale to the Health Ministry.
Medical cannabis will cost more at the chemist
than at a local coffee shop but the government
said that the price reflects higher quality and a
6% VAT (tax).

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