Basics Of Marijuana Growing (Indoors)

WARNING FOR GROWERS, There are some basic precautions you should take so that you don't end up as part of any new Operation Green Merchantsmile_angry that the DEA could resurrect :-

-When buying your equipment/supplies do not use credit/debit cards, always pay with cash.

-Do not have anything delivered to your house (or where your garden is) go and pick up yourself.

-Don't mention Marijuana to the grow-store guy's, you will put yourself and the store owner at risk, you may also be banned and have to find another supplier (click the link for Operation Green Merchant  for more on this) 

-Do not steal electricity, your supplier wont mind your usage increasing but will target you if your bill hasn't risen too, plus it is extremely dangerous,  never be tempted to play around with your power supply,  again you could be the cause of a street wide outage which could lead back to you. (if you cut your neighbors  power during the Super Bowl or the Oscar's the police could be the least of your worries)

-Do not tell your friends or family, however much you trust them, when you finish your first crop you will rightly feel proud and want to show people what you have achieved, it's quite natural, I've been there, it is very satisfying to beat the odds and finish a crop, but, in the same way you have a secret, a friend or family member might also be hiding some illicit act (not that i see anything to do with Marijuana as illicit! **) and  you run the risk of becoming their  'get out of jail-free' card should they find themselves in trouble with the police.

-When bringing your supplies home, try to disguise your purchase with an old box/boxes, just in case you have a nosy neighbor

-When you have finished your harvest don't 'all of a sudden' be smoking huge joints, especially while everyone is in the midst of a drought, people will put 2 and 2 together and though your buds should by now be safely away  your equipment will more than likely be sat in your place, it will be all the drug squad need to prove you are a grower. 

smile_angryThe Green Merchant Operation was the DEA's attempt to stop indoor Marijuana growing by targeting legitimate hydroponics supply stores they subpoenaed United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery records associated with hydroponics stores, getting information on tens of thousands of people suspected of procuring hydro equipment for marijuana growing, this, despite the fact a fraction of hydro growers in the US are growing Marijuana

The Green Merchant scheme backfired on the DEA. The general public and Libertarian politicians heard that innocent hydroponics store owners had been convicted of marijuana charges solely based on questionable testimony from tainted informants. People found out the DEA entrapped suspects, ruined lives and businesses, and sent harmless people to prison. The DEA came off not as heroic anti drug crusaders, but as Nazis.


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