There Are None So Blind As Those Who Won't See.............

I was reading an article about a proposal to legalize Medical Marijuana in Livingston County and i saw this bit of wisdom from  Capt. John Kowalski of the Howell Police Department, he said "I think the person who uses it may have some psychological 'easement", but I haven't seen any data that says marijuana has a legitimate use," Hasn't seen any data, Fuck me! open your eyes man!, this past year alone scientists have discovered that a compound found in Marijuana may prevent aggressive forms of breast cancer spreading round the body, how THC one of many active ingredients of Cannabis can be used to fight lung cancer and how another cannabinoid  (yet another compound found in cannabis) can be used to treat tumors!, this is a fraction of the great things being discovered almost weekly.

The chiefs buddy Sheriff Bob Bezotte say's "It's been proven that marijuana leads to other drugs, where is it going to stop? will we legalize cocaine?" What!!!!,  Cocaine IS legal for medicinal use you prick! and where is this 'PROOF' that Marijuana leads to other drugs??, this 'gateway' myth needs putting to bed once and for all, the only reason anyone goes from weed to any other drug is simple! the supply of Cannabis is not assured due to the illegal aspect,  when the supply dries up dealers find something else to sell, simple economics, dealers are in business legal or not, like it or not, and if it really was a gateway drug should we not have 20 million addicts in the USA right now? because there are at least 20 million smokers , actually i would say nearer 30 million!, but lets not quibble.(and you can add 5/10 million more weekend tokers)

The sad truth is the world is full of dick's like these two,  quite happy to see sick people stay sick rather than admit they may be wrong,  can they all be just looking to get high risk free?, NO!,  it never crosses their mind that young fit people who smoke weed don't care it is illegal, they are not the ones fighting to legalize it, the ones doing that are normally law abiding citizens who just don't want the stigma or worse yet be prosecuted because they treated their sickness with Marijuana.


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