Judge Zohrab! How Do You Sleep?

Police call at George Moanaroa's address in Blenhiem District, New Zealand on some unrelated matter  when they notice a dozen 6ft high Cannabis plants happlily growing in the garden, so they arrest him, 'surprise surprise', when he is in court last week the Judge (Tony Zohrab) say's " I am not sure that councelling will do you any good so I am sentencing you instead to 100 hours community work!, Doesn't sound so bad does it? till you read this guy is 69 years old! This is ridiculous, even if he was growing the plants just to get high and didn't need the Marijuana for medicine,  SO WHAT!, what a waste of time and money, anyone who gets to 69 can do what ever they want in my book, OK, within reason!, but giving him 2 1/2 weeks work at an age when he should have legally retired at least 5 and even 10 years ago is a disgrace, if this wasn't a case to just give the old sod a bollocking and steal his plants i don't know what is. Seriously,i know 100 hours 'scrubs' isn't the worse injustice you ever saw and i doubt anyone is planning a mass protest over this, but, imagine if the guy has a stroke or his heart gives up because of this enforced work! he could have effectively  received a death penalty for 12 plants, SHAME ON  YOU JUDGE ZOHRAB.

Any growers in the Blenheim District that want to drop a bud off at Georges place ?, i'm sure his address will not be hard to find in the Town Hall records.

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