Santa Cruz medical marijuana ID card cost higher

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.—The cost of medical marijuana identification cards is going up in Santa Cruz County.

Since the county program started nearly five years ago, $35 medical marijuana IDs good for three years have been issued to more than 1,600 residents.

But the IDs are only legally binding in Santa Cruz County, so the county is joining the state medical pot ID program. State-backed cards cost $101 and must be renewed annually.

The Board of Supervisors gave preliminary approval to the change Tuesday.

Santa Cruz officials assure medical pot users that information on patients is confidential, noting it is entered into a secured database at the county level before it is sent to the state.

So the ID card will now cost 10 x more per year ( $35 per 3 yrs = $12 per year, new cost $101 per year) why on earth should anyone have to pay for a licence to buy the medicine they need?, this on top of a Doctors fee!, it's all wrong!

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