Did You Know?.... Yet Another F*** up by George Bush

In British Columbia the economy has been in steady decline for a decade or more, although its tourist and media industries are growing, these have not yet compensated for the demise of mining and the crises that have afflicted the logging industry. George Bush dealt the most punishing blow to British Columbia's economy in recent years by imposing a 27% tax on imports of Canadian softwood ( since ruled to be an outright violation of America's free-trade responsibilities) The Canadian government calculated that in three years after the tax was imposed in May 2002, some 7,000 jobs were permanently lost in logging, sawmilling and remanufacturing across British Columbia. "Including indirect impacts," it added, "job losses have risen to a reported 14,000. A common myth assumes that these impacts will disappear with a settlement in the softwood dispute and that jobs will come back, but this is not the case."

Many of those who once worked in the traditional industries have been quick to redeploy their skills into producing vast quantities of Marijuana out along the logging trails miles from anywhere, these guy's now earn a living growing under lights, under the ground inside buried sea-going containers, they get the power from lines running from the hydro dams, as Senator Larry Campbell, the former mayor of Vancouver says this type of grow-op is almost impossible to locate, he say's "do you know how many logging trails there are? I mean, you can bring in every Black Hawk helicopter you want. Forget the haystack - you're looking for a needle in a jungle!" As for electricity, the lamps feeding the cannabis may need huge amounts of power by domestic standards, but by the standards of the province's vast hydroelectric capacity, the usage is negligible. And when the harvest comes 3 and 4 per year there is no need of all this very high quality weed in their own country,  so they ship it various ways into the US, In British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province, 50lb of bud is  worth US$55,000 (about £27,500) at wholesale prices. In Spokane, two and a half hours from the border, its value has almost doubled to $100,000. take it to California you can add  another $50,000 to this. If it goes to Kentucky it could sell it for $200,000 - almost four times the value in British Columbia.  Bush has inadvertently helped make the Canadian provinces  the single biggest per capita producers of Marijuana in the world, he has also given a few million Americans a taste of some of the finest Marijuana you can buy and created a huge demand for BC bud in the process! Bravo Mr Bush, how apt your name now seems, the DEA must love you, we certainly do.

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