And So The DEA Save The World.....not!!

"The tentacles of the Marc Emery criminal enterprise reached out across North America to include all 50 states and Canada,"                                           Rodney Benson of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency told reporters in Seattle.


Well after a three year battle costing Emery $100,000 in Lawyer fees alone and not to mention the lost revenue from seed sales (Emery and his company stopped selling seeds while this case has been ongoing) it looks like it will end with Emery doing 5 years jail time most of which can be served in Canada, and it will be 5 years by the way, he will not be eligible for any early release programs, unlike his child raping cell mates will be??, and this, for the very same offence he  was only fined $2000 for back in 1998, selling Cannabis seeds!!!, the years in between from then until his arrest, n July 2005 he carried on selling seeds worldwide, this, with the full knowledge of the Govt', Emery sent his new Cannabis seed catalogue out to every member of the Parliament, the Inland revenue Emery's company paid  $600,000 in taxes from the seed sales, and the Police dept, they deemed it not worth the trouble of arresting again for a minor offence.  Yet the DEA insisted that Emery and Co were the biggest single threat to America and American youth in particular, A "drug market kingpin" (there are a few guys in Columbia who could give you a good argument about that, he had $12 in his bank account at the time of his arrest, and no guns!!!)     

So where are the victims of 'terrorist' Marc Emery and his Cannabis seed's???, there must be untold amounts of them filling up morgues the world over, surely there must be!!! No! there are none, there are thousands of sick folk who now have a strain of Cannabis that suits the ailment they have and which allows for some relief from their ghastly symptoms,No! no victims, in fact i only see three lives at risk, one in particular was used in a disgusting fashion, in order to make Emery roll over and cop a plea the DEA said they would drop the charges on the two lieutenants of Emery's, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey  all the time aware that  Rainey, suffers from Crohn's disease and being incarcerated, away from her medicine, (marijuana) she could well die in a short time, how on earth could anyone with an ounce of compassion say no to a deal that removes such a threat from a friend?

The DEA knew that Emery was looking forward to his day in court and  by offering the deal removed that threat too, its a shame it may have opened the debate in a way not seen before, it could have opened a few eyes, and the US public needs to be aware of the way its Govt' lies! and lies about the Marijuana issue, the people in the US might as well get the truth now because the world is making its own mind up about Marijuana, and in particular the use as a medicine, and i heard that some Americans have PC's and may well  read the truth on-line and pass the info round, the population of earth wont deprive their sick of a very, very good medicine just because uncle Sam says it is bad, and gleefully informs us it will make us all immoral, we will be dancing with the devil, and killing our granny after a few tokes.

The US has spent around $30 billion on the 'drug war' and fared no better than it did in Vietnam! and like Vietnam, sadly, it is mostly the innocent getting hurt!. It really is time to withdraw from this war!, it was 30 years ago, but knowing the US we will still be calling time in 30 years, pathetic!.

Emery himself said it quite well in THIS interview from when he was preparing for this battle,  " Americans have to surrender and realize that they have just f*cked everything up for everybody for too G*d damn long.

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