NORML To Nominate the Netherlands For Nobel Prize!!!!!

New Drug Policy Reform Project: Netherlands for Nobel Peace Prize

January 4, 2008

Dear NORML Supporters and Allies:

Netherlands For Nobel

Inspired by the recent success of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore in awakening the world to the dangers of global warming by receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his advocacy work, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is beginning the New Year by coordinating the nomination of the Netherlands for a Nobel Prize for its achievements in minimizing drug use in its citizens, while at the same time restricting imprisonment.

While NORML is a cannabis-only reform organization, by nominating and educating the world about the success of the Netherlands’s drug policy, we are committed to using this public campaign as the first high impact project for worldwide drug policy reform in this New Year. This e-mail is being sent to U.S. and international drug policy organizations, seeking the names and contacts of qualified Nobel Prize nominators. The email is also being sent to organizations for children, teens, women, minorities, and the environment, as all these people and the environment are severely harmed and actually killed by the drug war.

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Anyone wishing to contact NORML

Allen St. Pierre

Executive Director
NORML/NORML Foundation
Washington, DC

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