Another SWAT Raid Tragedy

This From StoptheDrugWar.org 

Earlier this month, we reported that an Ohio SWAT team had killed 26-year-old Tarika Wilson and maimed her one-year-old son -- both innocent people -- and asked members to sign our petition to Congress and state governments, "Enough Is Enough: Petition to Limit Paramilitary Police Raids in America."

There's been another tragedy, this one in Chesapeake, Virginia. The police officer who conducted the forced entry, Jarrod Shivers, is the one who was killed this time. Resident Ryan Frederick says he opened fire because he had no way to know the invaders of his home were police officers and he believed he would be killed if he didn't defend himself. He also says that all he had there were a few joints and a bong. Prosecutors have charged Frederick with first-degree murder. But suspiciously, police waited five days before going public with the evidence they claim to have. Neighbors also dispute police's claim to have knocked and waited at Frederick's door before breaking it down.

While the facts of this incident are still coming out, it seems clear that violence only erupted because of the sudden and dramatic way in which police chose to enter this home. Please sign the "Enough is Enough" petition to stop the reckless overuse of SWAT tactics and save the lives of civilians and police alike. Please tell your friends about the petition. And stay tuned for updates on this case, including further action alerts. Thanks for your help.

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