Health Authority board member resigns after 'bust'


A Saskatoon Regional Health Authority member has resigned his post on the board after police charged him last week with several counts of drug possession and trafficking.

A Health Ministry spokesperson said Minister Don McMorris received a letter of resignation on Monday from Eric Braun, 54 (above)

Last Thursday, the Saskatoon Integrated Drug Unit searched an apartment in the 500 block of Fifth Avenue North. Officers found more than three kilograms of marijuana, 65 grams of cocaine and crack cocaine, 200 grams of hash, and more than $23,000 cash. They arrested Braun and a 30-year-old man who showed up at the apartment with about a kilogram of marijuana in his possession.

Court documents show Braun is charged with possession of more than $25,000, at least $5,000 of which is a proceed of crime, possession of psilocybin (commonly known as magic mushrooms), possession of less than a gram of cannabis resin, and possession of cannabis resin, marijuana, and cocaine for the purposes of trafficking.

Last week, McMorris said he would not remove Braun from the board unless the charges were proven in court. However, he said he hoped Braun would take the "honourable" step of resigning while he is under investigation.

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