Cannabis Chronicles - The Reasons Behind Gordon Browns Marijuana Madness

The governments constant referrals to the "social problems" caused by cannabis have been put firmly into perspective for what they are this week, as new figures released by the Department of Health have shown what can only be described as a "catastrophic" rise in the numbers of young people being treated for alcohol abuse, or dying as a result of it!

People are literally drinking themselves to death as a result of this 24 hour availability of alcohol.

A drug which suffers far more widescale abuse than cannabis ever has, a drug which brings with it far more social implications than cannabis does, as well as being a drug which kills far too many UK citizens every single year and without fail.

These are the facts, no matter how the government attempts to spin them and no matter how the Labour-supporting press reads otherwise. But with increasing pressure from the big spending 'alcohol lobby', who feed literally millions of pounds per year into the Exchequor, the government seem ill-prepared to do anything at all about it


The rest of this interesting article from CannaZine HERE

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