200 Grow rooms/plantations Raided In German Crackdown *Growers Take Note These Raids Came From 'Grow Shop' Customer List

*If you must buy this way use your head, find a secondary address, (where nothing illegal happens, D'oh) pay with cash-transfer: no credit/debit cards etc.

Police crackdown as cannabis farms grow

Cannabis farmers in Germany were the target of a massive crackdown yesterday as police raided more than 200 plantations to tackle the new soft-drug culture that has spilt over from the Netherlands.

Officers seized mature plants, packets of dried drugs and growing-equipment in the raids, which involved police forces from 16 regional states and 1,500 investigators.

“We thought he was just a passionate gardener,” an incredulous neighbour said after police stormed an apartment in Aachen near the Belgian border.

While cannabis farmers in the Netherlands remain on the police radar, in Germany they have blended into the neighbourhood.

The trigger for the latest raids was the increasing popularity of a “grow shop” that has been supplying cannabis-growing materials over the internet. Some of yesterday's police actions — apartments were being searched as far afield as Rostock on the Baltic Sea — were drawn from the shop's customer lists.                                                      German Police do not usually care if they smell Marijana unless a driver is suspected of using the drug

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