UK: I was right to downgrade cannabis: David Blunkett (Ex UK home secretary)

David Blunkett has made an unexpected announcement, speaking out against the British Govt's attempt to re-classify cannabis back to a class 'b' drug, the former Home Secretary has launched an unprecedented attack on Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his cabinets plans to apply tougher sentences on otherwise law abiding citizens who choose to use cannabis instead of alcohol.

According to Blunkett, reclassifying cannabis risks wasting police time pursuing casual users of the drug, he is also quoted as saying he feels "politically liberated", " i don't want the children of my cabinet colleagues or the shadow cabinet to find they are treated differently than their own parents were at university" he continued, " there has been a marked fall in cannabis use, which is a result of people being better informed of the risks involved with using he substance", "I dont want the police to have to chase those foolish enough to break the law using small amounts of cannabis, i want them to focus on the pushers and traffickers",

he said, " I understand the politics of sending signals, but i hope we don't throw the baby out with the bath water. the police said my changes would give them the freedom to target class 'a' drugs", "i would like them to continue doing that"

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