'Aussie' Cannabis Protester Back In Court

Peter Till outside court yesterday. Picture: Emmaline Stigwood.

Like a man possessed, perennial Cannabis protester Peter Till arrived at Brisbane court brandishing a 4ft Marijuana plant in a bin bag

Telling anyone who would listen, that his mission is to have the plant de-criminalized and the classification of 'dangerous drug' dropped in Queensland.

He entered the court bare-footed and decked out in one of his trade-mark brightly coloured sarongs, passing his plant to guards to be x-ray' d and taken to a secure room Mr Till made his way to the courtroom to answer charges of a breech in his community service order.

This isn't the first time Till has pulled the plant stunt in court, he was convicted and sentenced to two months wholly suspended for bringing a 90 cm plant last year, back then he said he uses Cannabis under supervision of a NSW doctor for a host of ills including migraine and back pain, he seemed determined to put on a bigger show this time by bringing a larger plant and ringing media outlets to inform them of his plans, he then paced up and down the corridor saying it was "all fun and games"

Inside court the charge was dropped as Till had medical certificates to explain his absence from the community service order, Till who defends himself with a quietly spoken friend refused to answer to his name instead he yelled at the magistrate to spell her name (?)

Magistrate Liz Hall told Till to be quiet to which Till replied "Mr Till is not here, i am not a corporation" (again ?)

Till claimed success as he left the court building and was promptly arrested by the police, he emerged later with a new notice to appear in court charged with 'possession of a dangerous plant', he will reappear at Brisbane Magistrates court on the 16 Feb.

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