Second positive marijuana test lands wrestler 2 yr ban!!!

This weeks 'poor sod'

Former world wrestling champion Joe Warren will miss the Olympics after an arbitrator upheld the American's two-year suspension for a second positive test for marijuana.

The wrestler had argued for leniency in his testimony saying he found it "hard to stop", diagnosed with major depression he says uses the drug to help him sleep, he argued that a two year ban a  was 'too harsh a penalty for using a drug that did not enhance his performance'

I find it hard not to agree, Marijuana has been blamed for a lot of ills in this world but to say it could enhance any performance that requires standing up for any length of time is ridiculous.

The arbitrator said Warren made a good case "for exceptional circumstances regarding his use of marijuana in May 2007", and then promptly upheld the ban!!!. Obviously not that much of a case then!, his ban will run until July 22nd 2009, so he is yet another victim of the drug war, another who has trained all his life, reached the pinnacle of his sport, he was the 132lb Greco-roman world champ in 2006, and now has to sit out the next couple of years competitions because he used a herb to help him sleep!!! Poor Sod!!!

Warren's ban run through till July 22 2009.

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