What My Cancer Taught Me About Marijuana by Diana Wagman,Professor Cal State Long Beach

Why DIANA WAGMAN - and a surprising number of her friends - smoke pot

Ahh, cancer. One learns so much from being diagnosed with a death-sentence disease.

Of course, 95 percent of it is stuff you would rather not know, but that other 5 percent is downright interesting. For example, America's Next Top Model is much more fun to watch when you've lost 15 pounds without trying. During chemotherapy, vanilla smells good, but vanilla wafers taste disgusting. And eyelashes really do have a purpose.

But the most compelling fact I learned was about my friends. Not just what you would expect: how they cooked for my family and took me to doctors and pretended not to notice how bad I looked

No, what really shocked me was how many of my old, dear, married, parenting, job-holding friends smoke pot. I am not kidding. People I never expected dropped by to deliver joints and buds and private stash. The DEA could have set a security cam over my front door and made some serious dents in the marijuana trade. The poets and musicians were not a surprise, but lawyers? CEOs? Republicans?

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Published in the Dallas Morning News.

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