The Beads Are Back In Town

Contaminated Cannabis back on the streets of Britain.

Remember at the start of 2007 and reports of Skunk imported from Holland being covered in micro beads of silica, these beads are small enough to enter the lungs of smokers and sit like a time bomb waiting to destroy the lives of smokers, this is yet another example of prohibition not working, leaving the supply of Marijuana to a few ruthless individuals who don't care about your health , only profit matters to these guys, imagine you are a cancer sufferer and the only medicine that actually relieves your suffering  is full of a contaminant that could turn out to do more harm than the cancer you are fighting, its not right, it never could be!. If you don't smoke that's fine but if you object to Marijuana being legalised, WHY???, don't just follow blindly what your Govt tells you! chances are it isn't the whole truth or worse it is a outright lie (the US approach to drug information), i don't drink alcohol, but i wouldn't dream of trying to ban the stuff that billions enjoy sensibly because a few assholes get violent after a couple of brews, why should so many non smokers care if it is legal, because successive Govts have driven the lie home again and again, the list of dirty tricks the DEA has pulled in the States is endless, from getting children to drop a dime on their own parents  to threatening landlords of buildings used for medical Marijuana with immense fines and forfeiture of said buildings (SEE 'DEA Going After Landlords Now' Dec 20th below).     The video below came out during February of 2007 please look at this if you buy Skunk in the UK, if your man has this, refuse to buy it, tell him to refuse to buy it, even if it is half the price of regular clean weed this would be a seriously false economy, take care!.

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