Karen Selick Ontario Lawyer: "Don't extradite Marc Emery to the U.S."


An open letter to Rob Nicholson, Canada's Minister of Justice

Dear Mr. Nicholson,
On January 21, 2008, an extradition hearing will begin in Vancouver for Marc Emery, Canada’s pre-eminent activist for the legalization of marijuana. Marc has been charged in the U.S. with conspiring to manufacture and distribute marijuana, and conspiring to launder money. If convicted under U.S. law, he faces possible life imprisonment without parole, at Marc Emerys age he may actually spend the rest of his life inside, this for a 'crime' that dozens of Canadians are doing right now!, Marc Emery is charged with selling Marijuana seeds through his company (something the Canadian Tax Dept were quite happy about) something any quick search will show you, his, is one of many companies in Canada selling seeds(Marc Emery has ceased trading in Marijuana seeds while this case is ongoing) the only difference between Emery's operation and most other Canadian seed merchants is the millions made by Emery's Co' were given to worthy Marijuana related causes be it to pay some court cost for some victim of the 'Drug War' or  a medical bill  to the more political funding of ballot initiatives or  financing class action suits in Philadelphia and New York City, this is a politically motivated charge brought about by the ones he publicly calls "evildoers" the DEA, To Read the full letter from Karen Selick Lawyer go HERE.

To read Marc Emery's interview in full go HERE.

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