Cicero Cop Will Take Drug Test!



Above, Cicero Police Cmdr. Wesley Scott (center) is sworn in with two other new town police commanders in June 2005.

The Cicero police commander accused of having a burned marijuana cigarette and a bag of marijuana in his car after being stopped last weekend on Chicago's South Side is scheduled to take a drug test Thursday that could determine his future at the Police Department.
Wesley Scott, a 21-year police veteran, was cited by Chicago police Sunday night with misdemeanour Marijuana possession after allegedly running a stop sign in the Englewood neighbourhood, officials said.
Officers found about one-sixth of an ounce of marijuana on the console of his vehicle, Chicago police have said.

And so another guy is busted for weed because of an unnecessary traffic stop, although any police commander who thinks he can run red lights needs a wake up!, bastards like this guy gets smokers a bad name.

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